Below are some examples of the industries EcoTreat service and the uses for heat treatment


EcoTreat is Australian Department of Agriculture (DoA) Approved BMSB heat treatment provider, under Class 12.3.  Our licence number is N3219.

Our mobile BMSB heat service can attend any site that is DoA Class 4.1 approved.  If you would like to gain the 4.1 licence we recommend you engage Andrew Christie Consulting to assist you.

The treatment usually takes, on average, 2 hours to complete on correctly packed containers, making it a significantly faster treatment than alternative methods.  For goods requiring 4.7 secure unpack, the treatment takes just 1 hour!!

Treatments can sometimes take slightly longer if the product density is higher and if the product has more challenging areas that the BMSB can access.

Our research concluded that EcoTreat's service is the most competitively priced heat treatment service in Australia and also cheaper when comparing with overseas prices.

The latest BMSB Season requirements from the Australian Department of Agriculture can be found here.

So don't delay - If you need heat, call EcoTreat.



EcoTreat's ECO1 Heat Chamber is a one-of-a-kind custom built chamber that offers both dry and moist heat treatments.

The ECO1 service can perform all Australian DoA Approved heat treatment requirements up to 95C in the core of the product with/without relative humidity.

The main types of commodities treated using the ECO1 Heat Chamber will be:

- Seeds and grains

- Timber articles

- Furniture

- Straw/rattan goods

- Food

- Herbs, spices and teas

there are also many other commodities that our customers require treating.

Call us today to find out more and provide your details so we can let you know when EcoTreat's ECO1 Heat Chamber is open for business.

So don't delay - If you need heat, call EcoTreat.


Pest control treatments can take advantage of our ECO1 Heat Chamber at Prestons NSW.

In the near future, we will also be offering you mobile service to attend your location.

The types of industries EcoTreat service are:

- Museums

   (mould, document recovery)

- Hotels

   (rooms with bed bugs)

- Marine

   (vessel rooms, cargo holds)

- Aviation

   (plane cabin treatment)

- Automotive

   (vehicle and equipment)

So don't delay - If you need heat, call EcoTreat.

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