EcoTreat provides contract heat treatment services for goods arriving into Australia that require Biosecurity clearance.  For goods departing Australia, EcoTreat provides heat treatment to meet the quarantine requirements of the country of destination.  Many businesses within Australia also use our heat service for pest control, bacteria reduction/elimination and mould control.


We are immensely proud of the service we offer, which is reflected in the quality of our work.  EcoTreat's dedicated team are focused on ensuring you get the best service possible and, through this philosophy, we set the highest standard in the heat treatment industry.


EcoTreat is the first ever Company to gain its Department of Agriculture Class 12.3 - Heat Treatment licence.  This provides us with the ability to conduct BMSB heat treatment services for goods entering Australia in Sydney and Adelaide.


EcoTreat now has its state-of-the-art EC01 dry/moist Heat Chamber.  This process is Department of Agriculture approved and assists importers, exporters and domestic clients.  This is a perfect non-chemical solution. 


This is a much anticipated service for NSW and QLD importers, exporters and domestic customers as it provides a significant cost reduction in the need to freight goods into Victoria for treatment and then freight the goods up to NSW and/or Qld.  It also offers a much cheaper treatment solution to other high-end treatment methods.

Our ECO1 Heat Chamber is a contract service which operates from Prestons NSW.

This location is only 25 minutes from Botany and offers all logistics solutions including treatment, warehousing, distribution, transport, clearance etc.  It is positioned on the M5, M7, M4 and Hume Highway corridor

If you would like to know more, please give us a call on +61 2 4706 0555 or send us an email.  


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Provide the best contract treatment service and ensure a long term future for the business, its employees and customers, whilst ensuring sustainability.


-Provide a service that is understanding of our customers specific needs

-Create a business where our employees are encouraged to develop and succeed

-Deliver the highest standard of service through ongoing training and process review



-Continually source and develop new treatment solutions