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 Pest Control

Take Advantage of Our Mobile Heat Treatment for Pest Control

For those who are in need of pest control treatments, you can also take advantage of the mobile heat treatments or ECO1 heat chamber service that we offer, here at EcoTreat. Both of these services were designed, not just for BMSB, but with pest control in mind. 


The types of areas EcoTreat service are:

  • Museums (mould, document recovery)

  • Hotels (rooms with bed bugs)

  • Marine (vessel rooms, cargo holds)

  • Aviation (plane cabin treatment)

  • Automotive (vehicle and equipment)


EcoTreat offers both a mobile service where we come to you, or a static treatment in our ECO1 Heat Chamber where goods are delivered to our Preston's NSW location for batch treatment using either dry or moist (heat + humidity) treatment.


So don’t delay and give us a call for pest control using the latest technology in heat treatment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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