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Mobile BMSB Heat Treatment

Mobile BMSB heat treatment Brings Speedy Treatment to Cargo Container Locations

If you want to treat your cargo containers quickly, there is nothing like a mobile BMSB heat treatment. The stink bugs are causing a lot of problems for companies trying to ship out cargo. The high risk season falls between September 1st and the end of May, and companies need to prepare, be proactive, and get ready to treat their containers to get them off to their destination.


The team at Ecotreat allows for fast application with their heat treatment. The mobile BMSB heat treatment is seen as faster, with the product getting out to you quickly and safely. If you are receiving any cargo to Penrith, Australia you want the mobile solution. It is safe, completely eco friendly with no harmful chemicals, and can treat up to 40 shipping containers in a single day.

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