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ECO1 Heat Chamber

Get Ready For BMSB Season with Our ECO1 Heat Chamber

EcoTreat upcoming ECO1 Heat Chamber is a one-of-a-kind custom built chamber that offers both dry and moist heat treatments.


The ECO1 heat chamber can perform all Australian DoA Approved heat treatment requirements up to 95C in the core of the product with/without relative humidity.


​The main types of commodities treated using the ECO1 Heat Chamber will be:


  • Seeds and grains

  • Timber articles

  • Furniture

  • Straw/rattan goods

  • Food

  • Herbs, spices and teas

       and many other commodities that our customers require.


Call us today to find out more and provide your details so we can let you know when EcoTreat's ECO1 Heat Chamber is open for business.


EcoTreat's head office is located in Penrith NSW, Australia. Our ECO1 heat chamber is located in Prestons NSW, We are focused on ensuring you get the best service possible and, through this philosophy, we set the standard in the heat treatment industry.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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