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DAWR Heat Treatment

Be Sure Your Treatment is an Approved DAWR heat Treatment Solution

You never want to go with a heat treatment that misses the mark, does not meet expectations. That is exactly why, if you are a company receiving shipping containers in Penrith, Australia, you need to pay attention to DAWR heat requirements. The Australia Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) puts out requirements for heat treatment solutions.


You need to be certain the heat treatment solution you choose is approved by the DAWR. the goal of the governmental department is to ensure safe administration of approved materials to treat shipping containers and protect them against the BMSB stink bugs. The team at EcoTreat has a Class 12.3 DAWR heat treatment which they have made available right at the start of the high risk season, the 1st day of September. The approved administration can allow for 40 shipping containers every day to receive treatment. Mobile units can also be treated through the approved DAWR AA Class 4.1 option.

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