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BMSB Treatment 

Protect Your Cargo With BMSB Treatment

Protection of cargo is important and the brown marmorated stink bug or BMSB is making it more difficult than ever. This agricultural pest has an origination point of Asia and abroad. The main countries where you most often see it include Korea, Taiwan, China, as well as Japan. The biggest risk to shipping cargo is during the high season between September and May.


To protect your cargo, the expectation is that you need to treat it to prevent the pests from causing damage. The BMSB is powerful, having the ability to damage crops, fruits, trees, and more. The country of Australia has made it mandatory to treat cargo against BMSB. The best way to do that is through a great treatment A BMSB treatment involving heat allows for speedy application and more than adequate protection against the pests.


For BMSB treatment in Penrith, Australia, EcoTreat staff is focused on ensuring you get the best service possible and, through this philosophy, we set the standard in the heat treatment industry.

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