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Hello and Welcome to EcoTreat

EcoTreat was formed with one goal in mind - to offer a service that is chemical-free and environmentally conscious.

Our contract heat treatment service is perfect for many different applications, from protecting our borders to protecting your health.

On 16th October 2019, a major milestone was achieved when EcoTreat became the first ever Company to gain Australian Department of Agriculture approval to provide Mobile BMSB Heat Treatment (N3219).  Our business continues to grow on the back of the consistent quality of our service and the time we invest in helping and working closely with our customers.

Which is why we want to hear from you.

Please spend some time looking around our website to learn more about how EcoTreat can help you.

For all enquiries and bookings simply contact us via email office@ecotreat.com.au or at our global head office on +61 2 4706 0555

BMSB Heat Treatment

ECO1 Dry/Moist Heat Chamber

EcoTreat is the first ever company to gain Department of Agriculture (DoA) Class 12.3 BMSB Heat Treatment approval.  


Significant research and development has been invested into ensuring our BMSB heat treatment service provides the highest standard and our staff are trained accordingly.

Generally, our heat treatment service is much faster than Methyl Bromide or Sulfuryl Fluoride, meaning your product reaches you much sooner. As there are no chemicals involved in EcoTreat's treatment you can be rest assured your product always receives the "Eco Touch".

*BMSB treatment times depend on variables such

as weather conditions and packing configuration. A typical treatment time is 2-6 hrs.


So don't delay - If you need heat, call EcoTreat.

The use of more environmentally-conscious  quarantine treatment solutions has been investigated for many years.

As the search continues, heat treatment has always been considered as the treatment that ticks all the eco-friendly boxes.

Which is why EcoTreat is proud to offer it's brand new ECO1 dry/humidity controlled heat treatment service from mid-December 2019.  So get ahead of the queue and enquire now by clicking here!

Goods are loaded into EcoTreat's ECO1 Heat Chamber and the necessary treatment parameters are set.  The custom control system manages the rate of heat and airflow (and humidity if required) to provide a passive, time efficient and environmentally conscious treatment process.

So don't delay - If you need heat, call EcoTreat.

Pest Control

Pest control is a broad term for many situations where insect infestation has occurred.

EcoTreat will be offering, in the near future, its mobile heat service to many public and private customers, such as:

- Museums (mould, document recovery etc)

- Hotels (full room treatments for bed bugs)

- Marine (vessel, cargo hold treatment etc)

- Aviation (plane cabin treatment)

- Automotive (vehicle internal treatment)

From late October, EcoTreat will provide a decontamination service using our ECO1 Heat Chamber.  Your goods are delivered to our Preston's NSW location for batch treatment using either dry or moist (heat + humidity) treatment.

So don't delay - If you need heat, call EcoTreat.